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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Rep: 24.2

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:23 pm Post subject: Desert Rats Stalingrad team GC AARs Reply with quote

Desert Rats Stalingrad team GC AARs:

AARs 13th AM

Banny Gully

Germans Attack in force in the NorthCentral sector (buildings) the Dp protecting the building was KIA but the Recon squad inside killed 8 men attempting to secure it for the Germans! I had two Ptrd's covering the flank and slowed on StugF it wounded one guy and stopped the assault.



Battle at Leather Works

He use as five tanks and two vehicules in support, i had 1 At and 3 PRTD, several hits and fires but only one tank damage... i should use more ATs in south and far away buldings in order to make him more damage... i could not believe so many tanks... arg!!!

He moves in flanks, Maxims counterattack make him some damage but prtd fail to damage his panzer which moves south.

I achive to hold the vl but with much blood

He use two stugs to support his men. I fired with one AT all my Ap munition, the LOS was very large and he couldn't look for my AT. So finally...

After this he assault with mass in the center... i must move because the trenches have discovered my troops but achieve to make damage and keep him there...

I had a t34 back, behind a house, without LOS but... he seem to had los agains him because his stug kill him two fires... GRRR...

Finally no good news because the T34 loss (first tank lost in GC... i have the record! )

Last battle against germans. He assaults east houses where was really CLOSE COMBAT and finally he success in take then!

He support it with a tank, i had LOS but keep without fire so he move it more and have "several" tries (he had novice ATs so...) and then destroy it.

I used four ATs with large LOS because PRTD keep without success fires.. my two prtd fires some but no kill

No AT losses

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Rep: 24.2

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:23 pm Post subject: Re: Desert Rats Stalingrad team GC AARs Reply with quote

Campaign results to date (morning 8th day):

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Rep: 24.2

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:33 pm Post subject: Re: Desert Rats Stalingrad team GC AARs Reply with quote

Banny Gully 13th PM

I had ptrds and dps waiting for him in SW forest.  PTRDs were found and killed but dp killed many teams with mortars in support.

Sadly air didn't do much.  But T34 did kill Stug E.


Spotted a pak and air killed it.  He snuck the NW buildings and my mg killed a few of his men.  Not much else.

14th AM:


Germans offered truce and I accepted.

Mokraya Mechetka

He was set 3 Stugs on his hill.1 Stug I killed, other 2 was damaged.I lost
1 AT 37.H didnt ground far. I tried stop him on north and south.

14th PM:

Banny Gully

Lost a T70.  Our hero scouts were killed but they killed 8 more men first

15th AM:


They came for the supply line I held but it was difficult the losses were minimal. I killed a recon car it was not to fierce of a fight! most of my losses were a conscript unit and a DP, one rifle squad killed the hell out of some men.

Banny gully

Mokraya Metcheka

One stug dead (Stug E) to arty.  Lost a conscript at gun (his inf found it eventually and no stugs were in open).  Sniper killed 6 of his men and held off his assault on the south hills til the last few min when he died.

STZ Settlements

He tried to cross from the circus and our men slaughtered him with counterattacks.  His Hauptmann is dead along with his men but I couldn't keep him from getting the flank we're spread pretty thin on this map (its big).  Plus our mg was being retarded and kept walking away from the window.  Killed 2cm recon car with rear shots from ptrd :)

15th am

I was given the order to assault, he moves some men forward then realizes its not going to be easy! I have many tanks and one AA HT, I spot one Heavy ATG and my sniper goes to work on him and takes him out after several shots. I then spot another ATG he uses to kill a crawling squad. so I move in for the kill with Mortar fire a T-60 and T-70 the T-60 gets the kill. Two ATG gone so I start my attack moving men and tanks forward he then opens up with a small ATG gun and my tank gets a kill. I move for his vl and my T34 and one squad are in the buidling next to it but i do not get the disband.

I loose the AA HT to small arms fire the T-60 is immobolized by arty then killed by the arty.

West stalingrad
15th am.

This is a brutual fight I do my best but Germans are attacking with force and quickness! He comes across the main road with many squads supported by 4 tanks, I sit waiting for his men to get close enough to ambush dropping mortars when he runs. He then pushes a panzerJ across the road and my ATG misses he is now downt the second road and my Heavy AA gun opens up and scores two direct hits but no kill! ARG! he then spots the AA Gun and he gets the kill! I have nothing to stop him now but one ptrd sitting by our exit vl. plus two squads, they did not get the kill but damaged the PanzerJ sitting on our exit vl. Sad

I get two Kills later in the battle when he comes up the road again with a panzerJ and a panzerIID.

South train station
15th am

OMG! another brutual fight! Our dear Commander gives me the order to hold the Chuikov VL at all cost! There orders must have been take the VL at all cost! He attacked in force once again moving men and tanks directly up the road I kill as many men as possible and damage the panzerJ he brought up the road but the VL has fallen into enemy hands! So I regroup my men and try holding the grain elevator vl but he drives a panzerF on top of it, I kill 2/3 men inside giving me a tank kill. Thats the only good news from the battle. I hope Stalin wont have me shot! Smile
Sorry I forgot my screenshot of the casualties but there were many i did manage to get a screenshot of the tank they will loose our arty also killed a mortar HT.

15th am

Ok a little more relaxed battle no panzers, although i fight with limited ammo and supply. There push is north i use MG's to slow him until he reaches my ambush point on the hill. He then moves a stugC in for support and kills my Heavy ATG with arty, I have one little ATG left which opens up on the stugC but the StugC over powers it, two dead ATG's. by this time the battle is winding down and they have gained very little ground, although with the loss of two ATG's I am sad to report to our Commander!


15th pm

Mokraya Mechetka

maksim and stolen mg42 go to work

STZ Settlements

He had most of his teams in the south which was good I was worried about a flank attack.  Sadly our Captain wandered out into the street on his own and got killed  but a DP and lieutenant team killed a pioneer team and slowed the attack in the southeast.

Sculpturny park

He fought hard to get the supply vl but I had many teams waiting for him.  Sadly he broke thru vs one of the teams in the north building which was surprising, i had smgs there and they were doing well but then surrendered after a few casualties.  Slaughtered many of his men trying to enter another building but eventually he broke in and killed my remaining men.  Mortars and mgs did most of the work, and ptrds + tank killer (light) took out 1 of his recon cars and damaged another.  

Red October Settlements

Heavy fighting in the center.  He lost many teams trying to take one building.  Even our militia team had over 10 kills.  But we also lost a few teams and couldn't stop him from sneaking men.  Maksim has over 25 kills now....mortars almost as many.  Arty failed to kill his tank and stug.  45mm at gun also couldn't kill the light tank even while arty was suppressing it.  Only our divisional guns are good (76mm).

West Stalingrad

Exit VL is half russian and german.I realized that to hold him of getting that VL would be very hard as german are too close to it.So I focused on killing germans from ambush as much as I can.
In beginning enemy car went for scout and was blewed up by our 39 AT.

After that he tryed to close to VL and to my AT by infantry but my maxim presses and killed some in front bulding.
So he tryed to go by PZ 4 tank to my AT and was succesfully killed by our lucky AT 39.

After that he staarted to press at 39 by 2 mortars cars and went by PZ 4 tank again on my AT 39.My gun was pressed by mortars and german PZ 4 killed it.It was pity, because AT 39 alreay have much morale up.

After killing my AT 39 he moved by that PZ 4 up to my buldings but my prtd started to get on him after several shots enemy tank started to dance and got to LOS of my second AT 37 ambushing.AT 37 killed PZ 4 from first shot.
Germans moved many infantry to exit VL and took it.I had not sso much inf there to stop them.I tried to run many of my men on exit VL but time was up.


Not gained and territory from both side.Germans tried to move in center buldings but was killed by ambushing squads.
For mine fields germ tanks coudnt move on east at all.

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Rep: 24.2

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:39 pm Post subject: Re: Desert Rats Stalingrad team GC AARs Reply with quote

Mokraya Mechetka

He took another vl, minor losses.  Tried to kill recon car with ptrd poor LOS.

West Stalingrad

Nothing went well for us here, did kill some inf but ptrds did nothing and at gun didn't kill pz even with flank shots.


He brought in new bg so went around mine fields.  Killed 1 Pz III captured another with grenade troops!!  Low on ammo so few grenades I let them get close then sent in 3 teams with platoon leader giving leadership.  Also slaughtered 3 teams in open with DP and MG34.  Our recon mg34 team members are heroes.  

STZ Settlements

Ambushed inf in buldings.Also exit vl was gurding by KV-1.
Germans didnt take much territory, as in all houses was traps of DP and inf.

Sculpturny park 16th AM

The Objective was to keep exit VL by any cost.I focused to make several levelss defence of exit vl.Germans pushed hard to take that vl but Russians stayed as heroes.Needd to say that germans didnt hurry up and I had time,also was pleasant surprise that german heavy AT was close to us on open street.It started to shot and Arty killed it easy.

after that my SU was not lucky and turned byt left side to Skdf and was killed.Germans run to take exit VL on last minutes but was stoped of all my fire Maxims and PTRD and all inf.Exit VL is ours.

Flight School 16th AM

Germans entered to the map and I tried to ambush and LOS all ways of germ movings.Atfisst minutes germ PZ3 assault and car were killed by my ATs.

After that germ inf tried to move on nw bulding but was stopedd by my 2 ambushing Srelkovoe and DP also by ATs in that time germ Tank destroyer PZIII catched one of my AT 76 and killed it(My AT 76 only immobilazed tank but it waas turrned rigght side to gun ).Also arty killed my 2nd AT.Much luck for opponent.
On south some germaanss was ambushed by DPs and waas killed, on north was bloody fightss of inff with many grenades and VL was german and russian several times.

Kuporosnoe 16th AM

I took only inf DP and PTRDs.So was ambushed all buldings trying do not be disbanded of map.Arty and Katusha killed some inf and immobilized PZ4 on last min I moved by inf to that PZ4 hoping capture it.

16th PM AARs:

AAR for 16th pm Mokraya Mecheketa

Not much happnes he pushes up the middle a little gets the bridge vl and takes a few buildings in the south. He used two recon cars and a StugF in his support. I did not risk the ATG's since there was no real danger!

AAR for 16th pm STZ Settelements

Again very quiet, I see little action he pushes hard for the Sculp Park VL i get some kills there I see no tanks. I don't risk any thing major zero tank kills and zero ATG lost.

AAR for 16th pm  flight school

We fight over the main building in the north he uses two stugF's and a recon car for his support the Air and Arty are useless once again! Little ground given and no ATG losses!

AAR for 16th pm Red Oct West

Finally we fight and much blood is spilled! This is a meeting engagement on a very small map. Thank goodness we have decent men fighting here!
Ifoko rushes south and East coming straight into the building I am in we fight hard over the one building in the center for the whole battle. Ifoko takes the VL in the north I recapture it and take two more back as time is running down. A very difficult match up with the map being so Small and them having tanks for support! They also dropped Artillery on me but it did little to effect my losses. When I seen the meeting engagement I tried to imagine what would I hold at battles end and it was pretty much what i figured we would be able to hold. The Deploy for both of us was them from the west and us from the east with little nuetral land in between!

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Rep: 24.2

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:52 pm Post subject: Re: Desert Rats Stalingrad team GC AARs Reply with quote

17th AARs:

Moraya metcheka 17th AM

Killed his vet stug F with 76mm; waited for a flank shot between some buildings did some damage and then stug turned to face but 2 more shots finished it off.  2 stug kills now for that vet gun, and some inf kills.  I killed a good amount of his men so tried to counterattack in south at end but it didn't give me much ground (game engine).

more battles:

Red October North

OMG somebody HELP! Tanks and more Tanks! I held him up as best I could but with no real AT capability he just pounded any position with multiple tanks. I did loose an ATG, I had to use it or he would have spotted it anyways he attacked up the NorthEast Road with multiple tanks.  I did get several shots off with two Ptrd's killing only the panzerF.

There is one more PanzerJ covering the flank on the South side of the map out of view.

17th AM

Moraya Mechetka

He got LOS over hill on our T34 with stug and started shooting, but then our AT gun opened fire as well and he retreated. Luckily the damage to T34 was repaired.  I'll have to check the LOS it was either buggy or lucky - be careful.  Killed a 2cm recon car with hidden at gun long range.  Lost a vl in the north took one in center.

RO West

Heavy inf fighting in center.  Our men did not fight well.  I made mistake of not having DPs facing outward enough (they were more in ambush position) so he got too many teams inside the buildings and outfought me.

Chuikovs HQ

Murdered his infantry with DPs and maxims.

RO settlements 18th

Lost a T34 to the Artillery...Took Vl Hill 1075, Killed a Command Tank a pak 40 and two HT's. Lost one VL on the center east side.

Flight School 18th

Faced off against many tanks counted at least five. I killed one mortar HT killed one panzer J and damaged the hell out of one panzerF killed two out of five men and wounded a third. The tank I killed was from a ptrs that was located in the building in the north they waited until he was right on top of them then got the kill of course the men from the tank kill the ptrs.

Oh yes and took back our supply VL.

Red Barricades West 18th

he attacked hard on the south side factories i killed as much as I could but he made an excellent push.

The one shining light is I took there supply vl they are now without ammo and supply, well at least for one more battle. When I was attacking his supply vl he dropped his air on my main attack force, killing at least one squad and wounding half of my other squad.

vs Ifoko 18th AM:

RO North

His infantry fought flawlessly and our men stopped him for a while but then he just charged in and slaughtered.  He dropped arty which killed our at gun and then he finally killed the inf gun and took our supply.  I took 2 other vls while he was doing this but I couldn't hold our supply sorry.  All his tanks were out of gas and still he did this :(

RO West

Conscripts and recon team did well in north factory (helped by a maxim that kept him suppressed) so I killed off his teams and set up ambush on north vl.  Recon team with mg34 kept killing his men across in the west factory.  My consripts took vl in north.  In the center factories mg34 took out some of his men but he was entrenched.  Dropped air and killed a few and popped smoke towards the end, sending my men forward in a wave but they weren't enough to kill his teams.  I did take a vl down there though.  We have a pretty good perimeter now especially in north and he is out of ammo

Chuikovs HQ 18th

Germans will launch his attack from the Central east side of the map. I set up defenses to allow him into the buildings. I then let my well trained troops with auto weapons do there business. I never get any clear shots on a tank.

Flight School 18th

Lost a conscript team as he rolled up with his tank, lost 1 more guy from a two map DP team. He did not really try to get the supply VL but he took some VL's in the north. The Air once again fails us.

STZ West 18th

The beginning of the battle i was really concerned with his attack he was bringing massive amount of men north through the factories. I only had a recon team and one infantry squad on that flank with the heavy AAgun with back up. So brought some of my men in the center to shoot at his flank as he was pursuing my men, I also used my mortars to slow him. He then started rushing all him men from the south north so I started moving the KV to the south and then up the center road holding my air in case of an ATG. Kassad also had taken the center vl but I shot up all his men from the center building, I then snuck a team to that vl and drove the KV on his exit VL getting the DISBAND! :)

Red Barricade West 18th

even though they were cut there troops still fought well. They had a recon car that just ripped the crap out of two of my infantry squads and a Ptrd the ptrd killed 2 of the four men but could not finish the job. He took our supply vl but i took it back. He retook there supply vl in the opening minutes but i was ambushing north in the rubble and attacked the vl with less than a minute to go and got the split...

RO North 18th

Well I was going to launch an assault on the building in the picture below but he guessed it and crushed the assault with a panzerIIIJ. I hid on the opposite side of the building he tried rushing in and he was then decimated. I had two ptrd each had 4 shots only the first one in the building could not get the kill or anything. I then snuck a dp into the building and stole there vl for about 5 minutes. While that was going on I moves a 2nd ptrd into postion on the panzerIIIJ and killed 4 of the 5 crew. He then brought another Panzer around to kill the men in the building but I assaulted it and he could not fire at me. I was trying to get the capture but they would not give it to me very unfortunate. I dropped Air on the 2nd panzer before it reached my position but as usual it did not help. I did get some help from the Artillery and killed a HT.

RO West:

Heavy fighting but I didn't gain much ground.

Battles 19th AM

Got disbanded on Flight School, killed 1 Pz III and maybe a Pz IVF.  Heavy inf casualties and our Captain got another medal but was slain.  He fought well.

Got a Pz III with arty, air, ptrd, granatochiki.

RO Settlements

Lost a T70.  Killed a marder.  He attacked hard and air wiped out 3 of our inf teams in rubble.

19th AARs:

Vets on RO Settlements

Flight School carnage

Chuikovs HQ 19th am

since I had to cover two fronts I had to allow him into the factories on the East side. I then allowed him to come into my kill zone and killed what I could. Ifoko then focused his attack on the 2nd front the Westside where he moved infantry and tanks forward I killed what I could!

Kuporsnoye 19th am

My deploy was terrible. I came in from the north with only a hand full of small buildings for cover. So it was obvious to me he would pound the buildings with ATG or Tanks. So I did my best to place my men on the back side of buildings out of the buildings and waited for his attack! As figured the games starts and the buildings are getting pounded from one T34 and two of those AA HT's along with MG fire from all the second story buildings. I have taken very few losses with about 8 minutes or less to go. Then the infantry arrives and its a brutual fight! I damaged the T34 with a militia squad as he comes over the bridge killing the leader of the tank. Ifoko then brings up the AA HT's so I drop the Katushyas on it one less AA HT. The tank moved out of range when i dropped the Kats. He then is running troops directly into MG fire, why? I guess he wants the disband very badly! So he brings up another AA HT I run all my men into the buildings and use small arms fire to kill most of the men it wont return. So wanting the disband badly he moves the T34 on my VL I shoot several times at the T34 with two ptrds and only wound one more guy. He only got the Disband because time expired we played a whole 15 minute game.
I hate being disbanded and wanted to stay on this map badly. but it was not to be I killed two AA HT's and damaged the T34 but did not manage to hurt it enough for them to loose it. They lost a lot of infantry here but so did we. Never bring just infantry to a Tank fight!

RO North

In this bg we have very few men so I realized that to take back our supply west vl
imposssible especially wothout ammo.So I focused ambushing defending our vls.
First 7 minutess was silence.

In last 8 minutes he tried to break thru at south east
into our large bulding but was stopped by DP,Strelkovoe and leytenant.
I placed arty on road he run to buliding as I didnt ssee aany of his tanks.

RO West
My plan was to gain some buildings to south and to north.
I took 2 T60 and 1 T70 command.
At first secs my T60 was killed by AT (not right deploy)

In center buldings going to south my group listed of Avtomatchiki,razved gruppa,command vzvod, DP,Militia
supported by command T70.I even didnt expekt but my group just blasted off german inf from
2 center buldings running and with rifless and fighting also T70 helped, it killed one germ bg,
moving between buldings.So 2 buildingss was cleared very fast but T70 was lost as it moved to trap of AT.
My recon saw germ AT on road and I droped arty on it.AT was blowed up very quickly.

After ssuch success with buldings I tried to move across the road to next buldingss but it was not easy
as his mortars and AT was shooting at my gruop trying to stop my crossing.
From thaat group I had alive only razved gruppa and part of Strelkovoe, they moved into building and
started to shoot on ambushing germ bg, and againg razved gruppa did like great guys killed all.
So I run to AT that killed 2 my tanks.So crawling nearr that AT and with grenades I tried to AT roll back to my inf and
moved my last T60 from north to kill  that damn AT but T60 was killed by another AT.

At last seconds germ AT group was surrender to my razved gruppa and because AT was near my VL i hoped it will be
captured.But dint see it in final results.But I hope AT will disapear from forcepool.

While I tried to get bulddings in south and that AT.German run to ceenter buldings and took some vls.
At north I sent 2 inf teams and 1 command.They had not problems many problems to get all north vls.

19th PM

Moraya Mechetka

I attacked in the south and took many buildings.  But I couldn't get LOS on his stug and he counterattacked at the end - his stug murdered me.  Only 1 Stug IIIF and 1 Stug IIIE left in his bg (we have guns and 2 T34, no T34 lost yet).

I took the NE vl with recon team.  heavy inf losses for me but only lost inf gun (still have vet 76mm).

STZ West

Inflicted heavy losses with ambushes in south and center.  PTRS killed PZ IIIJ!  76mm killed another Pz IIIJ.  I counterattacked at the end and he only has 2 vls (I couldn't quite disband him but he is discouraged and called it "another disaster")

One militia team had 15 kills and killed his Hauptmann and one man when berserk and charged to kill off another team.  I tihnk they fought well mostly because of command team behind them Smile  That or they were pissed!

RO settlements

Got lucky, our T34s were immobilized but killed 2 pak40.  He may only have 1 left.  Took a vl in center and a building.  He fought hard.  Killed 2 mortar cars with mortars too.  He is discouraged here and took heavy losses just wished I could have taken more ground.  Killed 2cm recon car too.

19th PM

Red Barricades West

He attacked with recon car and almost all his inf in the SE but mortars and mgs killed most of his teams.  Then I counterattacked, took back most of the map and his supply vl.

the carnage:

RO North

He had fuel and deployed a Pz III in the factory.  I had grenade teams but they couldn't do enough damage and he slaughtered militia.  He had a mobile Pz IVG as well which i scared off with grenades in the west entrance to the factory.

I managed to get a platoon leader to our supply vl and reestablished supply!  I took heavy inf losses in the factory vs his Panzers so I think we should move in the guards or wait til we have armor here to kill his bg.

19th PM Chuikov's

Took back the factory on the east side, lost 2 vls on the west side.  Killed 1 pz III with arty/ptrd.

Campaign status to date (20th AM before moves)

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Rep: 18.6
votes: 1

PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:38 pm Post subject: Re: Desert Rats Stalingrad team GC AARs Reply with quote

Hey, great AAR! I'm playing my own Stalingrad GC at the moment and am wondering what settings you are playing with?
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Rep: 24.2

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:59 pm Post subject: Re: Desert Rats Stalingrad team GC AARs Reply with quote


We're playing:

15 min
morale off
Russians: Green (I think)
Germans: Veteran

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Rep: 24.2

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:00 pm Post subject: Re: Desert Rats Stalingrad team GC AARs Reply with quote

Campaign status:

About 10 days left to go, its getting intense.  Germans broke the line in the north and pz bgs are attacking in center, T34 bgs attacking north center.

to date:

Many think its impossible to defend with Russians in this GC, but it can be done - although its getting a lot harder now.

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