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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 5:35 am Post subject: My CC4 Campaign Review! Reply with quote

Slider was on equal (veteran) for both sides.. boy was this a nightmare..
This review was for version 4.02 the original and NON matrix version of CC4

I have played all cc series with the bulge being my last. They are great Very Happy

What i liked

-Stuarts could team up on a medium tank and peck it down
-A nice recreation of the of bulge war
-game shows how bad the protection was on us open pit tanks..
-that my us guys would carry and use panzerfausts
-the different versions of tanks of late ww2 were neat to see
-different plane models looked great

What I did not like-

-voice acting was a bit bad
-not a big fan of playing cc stuff in woods, I thought cc3 did a better job with trees.
-panzerfausts had insane range and would most likely always hit not historically accurate, 1 group of 5 guys had about 6 of them.
-No enemy kill score stats for individual soldiers, just your teams.
-puma and other small german apc and halftracks defeating many of my tanks even head on, many times hellcat 76mm shell would just bounce off puma front armor ???why???
-mgs suppressing open carriage tanks killing crew at long range
-no real clue or indication in game when pattons army would show up, no real affect on german armor when they came at this setting.
-us tanks had no lucky armor hit kills many misses or bounce offs. shermans missed constantly over 30 meters away. and not even close.
-Panther G turret would swing around very fast. even faster than stuarts.  Rolling Eyes
-couldn't get around enemy to hit sides or rear hit by AT teams constantly
-enemy ejected tank crew using mgs
-enemy  vehicle crew capturing positions. No actually crawling across bridge from across map (wish my crew would) Uh thought i set this on equal sliders?
-a number of my US tanks miss almost constantly
-tank ai is downright horrible in inner city or woods or blocked roads with wrecks
-it almost felt like i had no control with tanks at times couldn't even do pop out attacks.
-air strikes didn't do anything to my enemy.
-tanks would freeze still if near a enemy AT team even issuing them to sneak back they would not go
-artillery strike mortars didn't do a thing to enemy hit ratio was probably 15%

Biggest thing I hated, Play the same map over and over and over at the end waiting for calender days to run out pushed them as far to the right as the map would allow. I had a week left on map and still had to play 1 map like 75 times and there were like 8 areas! Even if I would win it would start all over again and again and again   Confused  

I did end up in victory at the end on the 31st..

I would have to give this version a 4 out of 10 stars. The enjoyment just wasn't there on equal slider settings.

I managed to pull this off with a AT cannon team though. I did like the US AT guns
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