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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Rep: 26.9

PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 4:19 pm Post subject: CCTLD Kharkov (2.2): My thoughts, review Reply with quote

(It should be noted that I finished this mod back in September of 2015, before the newer version of Kharkov of
TLD had been released. Thus, this review of Kharkov is of CCTLD v2.2)

The CCTLD adaption of Kharkov was interesting to play. It is a solid Eastern Front mod in the spirit of CC3. The
GC vs AI was EPIC...longest one I've ever played! Took literally months to complete, playing full-time. Drizzt has
clearly put a lot of work into this. However, it is not as polished as the other mods and seems to sacrifice refined
craftmanship for ferocious gameplay.  A decent mod that adds a much-needed dimension to the variety of CC
mods...the East Front!

-10 man squads!!!
-GUI tint color seems to fit with mod (tan/beige tank armor)
-nice differentiation between weapons like Walther38 and Luger08.
-Some unit pics are very good
-Soviet voices (such as mortar barrage, air strike) are good
-82mm mortar seems to have perfect delay
-Some good ambient sounds, esp Stukas,tank engines
-BA10 and other vehicles look great (who did the graphics?)
-Nice wreck for GAZ truck!
-Indirect fire option on ML-20 gun (152mm) is great in battle, but IMO, ahistorical for this mod.
-T26 and other early Soviet vehicles/wrecks look GREAT!
-Like the strat map option/connections...very challenging
-Nice 'fire' sound on short 75/18 gun (not on Gds version though?)
-AA Maksim 4x gun sounds good!
-Nice Stuka ambient sounds
-Ppsh41 sounds good!
-Not enough trees on maps...just shadows/no trees on some(?)
-BG markers are nice , well-done

-Weak Romanian vehicles (ugly graphics too!)
-Conscript and Regular SOV rifle teams have only a 2 pt difference, despite big differences in morale and firepower
-German Brandflaschen vs molotov effectiveness vs vehicles?
-Some tanks and halftracks look bigger than scale to infantry and maps.
-ZP52-K obr39 (85mm); graphic for gun is good, it is coded as a monior
-Map suggestions Fjord on NW corner of Husarivka map could be defined better;
(elements go from deep to shallow w/no corresponding graphic)
-What is range on Soviet infantry flamers...42m?
-German 23rd Pz BG forced a Soviet rifle BG off 'Martore'(sp?) @ 3pm on 1st day of GC. Germans also forced
USSR off the map on 'Balakleia'(Sp?). Another @ Ligoveka'.
-Enemy 250/11 Kom wagen survived Katyusha barrage then destroyed T34 '41 in a front:front face-off (too strong !!??)
-DshK sounds too fast (RoF)
-ZSU 4M used as vehicle in Kharkov mod! yay
-Sufficient job of simulating armor:armor fights!
-Some tanks appear too large and disproportionate to other vehicles. Taken from different sources/mods?
-Some eastern map sectors nnot recieving arty support
-Beginning maps are mainly river crossings w/bridges (chokepoints)
-ML20 gun has bazooka graphic/smoke when firing (indirect arty fire?)
-Sound: USSR tank MGs are weak, Maxim sounds like American M60, sMG34 could be improved
-Il-2 airstrike is overwhelming!!!
-'Bely Koblez' is one of the best E Front maps Ive seen in a while  Smile
-Elevation on Stary S__ map shows a lake not lower than the ground next to it...wierd(?)

-Is there really any difference between the Russian 'obr. 42' gun and the 'Divisional Gun' other than names?  Is it simply duplicated?
-Soviet 'Militsionary' teams do not have NKVD title in them, no descriptor, yet they are NKVD affiliated.
-What does (e) in KV-1(e) obr.41 mean?
-Length of "repair time" in data reflected in what value??
-Med IG used in direct fire role/but crew acts strange and turns gun on its own, often excessively.
-What does (w) on Gewehr 41?
-Strat map used from which source?  Or is it original?
-On ML20, how to have HT rounds fire direct and HE rounds fire indirect????

-Some weak sounds (Soviet Maxim sounds heavy/muddy)
-Title screen has skewed / odd placement of General names in middle of screen.
-Sloppy UI features under FM on Debrief Screen.
-Overall mod art could use some refining, retouching. Looks rough and sloppy in many areas.
-The graphic strip with names of maps and BG types is still default CC5 (bluish) color in 'Strategic Screen'
-Red enemy spot shows on mini-map on the Strat map, but no BG on regular Strat Map
-Weapons MG37, Mg26t need new pics
-Some maps are unfinished; some have tree shadows but no trees.
-StuG variation names need consistency (ex: StuGIII vs Auf C or Stug40 ausf F, etc)
-Yellow and Orange indicators on Ammo/Fuel/Fatigue/Cohesion are hard to discern or tell apart.
-Kavalry Squads (USSR) should be armed with more M38 Carbines, as this was their historical allotment.
-Barrel on T34 '42 appears too long
-IMO, Werfs and Katyushas should be removed, as realistic spread of fired rockets and general accuracy is difficult to model in CC TLD
-Fpool list is disordered on BG screen (team types all mixed together, no consistency)
-Too many over-powered weapons 6x 120mm mortar, 6x BM13 Katy, ..even on Hero setting
-Maps should be edited to show accurate contrast between vehicles and objects on the map
-120mm mortars very clunky, constantly fidgeting, losing targets/opportunities bc of excessive movement
-85mm gun too lehtal (?) area effect?
-Need more photos of Kharkov 42, not of other conflicts or period
-'Militsionery' to have diff name, or designation indicating NKVD affiliation
-Poor elevation depiction on some maps - flat areas of 25.0 meters on most areas.. creating stagnancy (ex: Verkhnig?, Bishkin?. Kartamysh?)
-Maps become very repetitive with the same visual motifs
-Very poor coding on some maps - cant place guns in trenches (Belly Kolder?)
-"Russians and "Soviets" used in text interchangeably throughout GC (inconsistent?)
-2cm gun on T60 needs explosion size reduced
-Some tank MGs are wrong in weap pics (in relation to barrel)
-45mm blast too big...needs reduced
-Accurate text descriptions of each sector/battle would improve the experience

-CTD #1 at the end of a battle (possible German airstrike?)
-Germans could reinforce on the 17th @ Barenkovo (384/384 ID)
-Far west edge of Krasnograd has two Air strike cursor markers NW of the Church VL.
-"Mayor German Victory"  (mispelled)
-Central VL in 'Myrne' should be 'Large Field', not 'Large Filed'
(only 1x CTD total during GC!)

EPIC!  After starting the first turn with 12+ battles, the war rages and picks up momentum quickly. Death and
destruction begin to dominate the screen and tactical options soon take a back seat to navigating the carnage. As
bloody and intense as Betio/Tarawa at times, but with more strategic depth.
Soviets defeated the AI and won a Total Victory at 3pm on the 18th.  (DAY???*)

Best Soviet units (lots of kills due to repeated battles, high survivability of certain units):
-T60                       (Lenin- 39k, 6 bravery)
-obr 27 IG              (Lenin- 62k)
-BM-13 Katyusha   (RS- 51k, 2g)
-ZP52-KM              (RS- 61k, 1g)
-KV-1 obr.41           (RS- 4t, 11k)
-NKVD Maxim        (IC- 64k)
-82mm Mortar         (IC- 42k)
-Sniper                    (2x RS/39k)
-arty ML-20            (AB/44k, 1g)

An unforgettable, EPIC GC played against the background of the mid-war Eastern Front. Definitely the most carnage (KIA.WIA) I've ever seen in a CC5 GC!
Great armor and infantry simulation on maps that are representative of the area fought in. Unfortunately, lack of variety and repetitive map
art lowers the replay value. I became frustrated many times, having to play on the same map literally a dozen times
before moving to the next one. New maps with modern art and features would definitely put this mod among the

3.5/5 stars


Last edited by Uberdave on Sat May 21, 2016 1:37 am; edited 3 times in total
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Rep: 26.9

PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 4:25 pm Post subject: Re: CC5 Kharkov (2.2): My thoughts, review Reply with quote

First round...the carnage begins!!  Love those Soviet tank graphics!!
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Rep: 26.9

PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 4:25 pm Post subject: Re: CC5 Kharkov (2.2): My thoughts, review Reply with quote

many heroes among the fallen
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Rep: 121
votes: 9

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:58 pm Post subject: Re: CCTLD Kharkov (2.2): My thoughts, review Reply with quote

Hi, thanks for your detailed review (I have seen it only few days ago).

In the next days/weeks, I will try to give you a complete reply about your questions/suggestions (where I can).
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