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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2021 4:08 pm Post subject: NO JAP TANK submod for pacific Reply with quote

Well, I love pacific mod for CC3/COI and CC3/COI is my favorite cc as most klnow but what I dont like the ai picking such a heavy tank force. I originally tried to keep most the jap tanks but make them rare. The AI still picked too many tanks so set the rarity to 0 and took out all the tanks but 1. this actually had very good results vs the ai when playing my custom 4 ops campaign. The campaign was pretty tough with no jap tanks and really just felt better to me. I do have one house rule though and that is to limit the # of some weapon types for the americans. no more than 2 tracked vehicles, 1 wheeled or half-track, no cmd armor/vehicles (eventually ill take them out), and just one mortar

eventually, id like to redo the teams for both sides just a bit. This will be a vetmod_light as I hate adding soldiers to teams to increase the difficulty. Most the teams will stay the same size BUT the AI japs will have less teams to choose from and since there arnt no tanks on the japs side.. The ai picks more bunkers, infantry and atg and this is more historically accurate. I will be taking out the reserve or small teams/half squads though for the japs, change the upgrade paths, ect. trying to make things more streamlined so the ai functions a tad better. Giving the AI too many options makes the ai play worse imo

I added the GtC vfx file to my version of the mod as well as all the jungle/pacific maps thus far. Only thing I will be changing is the teams and tweaking a few of the soldiers a bit. eventually, maybe a new main screen and other pics but ill keep the idea small in scale for now. Im not feeling my best these last few months and today I actually do feel better than i have in awhile so i better take advantage of this

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