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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2006 11:16 pm Post subject: DOF2 tactics questions and other issues.. Reply with quote

Hello all,

Been a fan of CC series since CC2 came out. I have every title from CC3 on. I just discovered this wonderful community of Close Combat and the mods, maps, and everything else it offers. It is truly amazing.

Now onto my problem, or request however you wish to look at it. I recently re-installed CC3 after seeing the mods for it. Der Ost Front and Grossdeutchland. So I downloaded and installed DOF2 and started playing. I noticed right from the start it is much different than the orignal. That is to say much better, and much more challenging.

I played the original before I installed the mod and it was a cake walk. So I know the mod adds a great deal of difficulty and I like it. I started the Grand Campaign ofcourse 1941-45. The first operation to capture Kiev is not too bad. However I do need advice. I seem to loose my tanks much too quickly.

For example, I have plenty of requesition points, so I opted for an SS tank unit, a PZIII-G. I also bought a regular PZIII-H. I figure 2 tanks, supported by a plattoon of infantry and HMGs and 2 mortars should be enough to punch through any defense.

The first battle starts of easy enough, prep bombardment (offmap) and then I move out. I send 1 squad forward, while everyone else is on overwatch. As soon as they get fired upon, I have them hit the dirt and return fire, while other units return fire as well including mortars. I try and keep my tanks hidden as long as possible. If I have to I am very careful as to where and how I expose them.

I try and have their flank protected by a hill or a house. When I do spot an enemy tank I try to first distract the enemy tank by infantry and then engage it from a different flank with my tank. My beef here is that the enemy tank always gets in an accurate shot. However my elite SS tank unit does get the first shot in many most of the time, but either miss, or cause no damage or some sort of damage but still allowing the enemy tank to fire back destroying my PZIII-G in one shot. Usually this tank unit being a BT-5 or BT-7.

I know for a fact BT tanks are light tanks, and have fairly light armor in the front, so a 50mm has no problem penatrating its frontal armor. Yet I have had my PZIIIG fire 4 even 5 rounds into it and it still lives and manages to fire back. How is that possible?

Another problem I have is with the prepetory bombardments. Didn't take me long to figure that the person on offense gets the automatic prep bombardment saturating the defender. However when I am on offense it seems the prep bombardment has no effect what so ever. However as soon as I am on defense (second operation) the prep bombardment always manages to hit my troops and AT guns. It never ever fails. No matter where I place my guns, in a house, in thick trees, it always manages to score a direct hit. This is a little frustrating since the AT guns are my main defense against Russian tanks. Is there a way for me to turn off these homing prep bombardments?

Other than that I have no gripes, excellent mod and it is fun. But the prep bombardment thing gets me. I mean everytime it rains down, a shell manages to hit exactly where I place my guns. I did a test and played the same map 3 times. Each time placing my guns else where, once even to the edge of the map and it still go destroyed. Seriously, wtf?

Thanks in advance for reading this and helping me out.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2007 11:32 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Gday Panzermeyer_ss

The DOF2 mod was my creation.
1stly, I think you have simply been unlucky with the BT-5s and BT-7s, though my exGF had a BT-5 rack up 5-6 kills against German 1941 armor playing against the AI Smile

The BTs are fast and small and thus hard to hit.

German armour in 1941 was quite inadequately armored.

The T34s and KVs are scary monsters in 1941!

the bombardments are deliberately unfair in the GP & RP DOF submods.
This is to make playing the AI HARD!
It also adds real fear and forboding from the beginning of the battle.

Do you feel the adrenalin in your blood as an enemy attack looms?

What I have often done playing DOF against the AI, when defending, I rest most, or all my heavy equipment on the 1st day so they arnt destroyed in the barrage and just try and hold what i can with the infantry. Then the next day place guns at what good spots are left and try and regain some ground with infantry.

Am glad you are enjoying the challenge of DOF2, if you are playing the default DOF campaigns, try the GP & RP DOF submods, they are even harder!



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Rep: 14.9

PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 7:05 am Post subject: Re: DOF2 tactics questions and other issues.. Reply with quote

this is now old thread but, what about digging in when starting a new map/battle? seems like my infantry can't hide so easily and gets destroyed when sniffed by HMGs or armour... any answer?  Laughing

Outstanding, Red Team, outstanding! Getcha a case of beer for that one
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:24 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

The thread is now even older but still worthy of comment IMO.

ArmeeGruppeSud's advice was most relevant:

ArmeeGruppeSud wrote (View Post):
What I have often done playing DOF against the AI, when defending, I rest most, or all my heavy equipment on the 1st day so they aren't destroyed in the barrage and just try and hold what i can with the infantry. Then the next day place guns at what good spots are left and try and regain some ground with infantry.

Even so, I find it frustrating playing Germans on defense (using  GP submod on Vet/Vet difficulty).

Germans on defense have almost no dug-in defenses, bunkers or emplacements. Opportunities to position AT guns at long range in any sort of cover are very few.Troops on the deployment screen may appear to be in green cover, only to be in red when game starts.

AT guns, even in green cover behind trees get spotted quickly and destroyed by 2-3 AI mortars. And yes, I am using ambush with manual firing at armor, then back to ambush.

The Flak 88 seems terribly inaccurate, even with veteran crews, when not under fire.  At 300m with a commander nearby. It seems rare for an 88 to one or two shot a KV or T34, even if it hits. And if you take three of four shots, I find your position is revealed and you are mortared to death shortly after.

AI tanks appear to rumble through forests without breakdown or spotting penalties.

In the 41/42 campaigns I have only seen one map where I was able to position an 88 in a realistic dug-in emplacement, with somewhat acceptable range (400m+) to armored targets. At that range, and with 360 degree green cover, it thrived against Russian tanks and wasn't spotted.

Perhaps part of the problem is the maps of CC3 are just too small? And maybe the other problems are just insurmountable aspects of CC3 and I should move to CC5 and/or another mod?
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