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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Rep: 3.5

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 1:22 am Post subject: O.O.B for Operation Husky Reply with quote

Below is the axis O.O.B.
So many,but only 27 can be represented.
Historically Italian troops outnumbered the Germans about 5-6 to 1
But thru each armies ability to take up the fight,im leaning towards designating the german forces 9 bgs,which will be 1/3 of axis forces.
Of course any reasonable good arguments may make me do otherwise.

XIV Panzer Corps
Commanded by General Hans Valentin Hube.
German 1st Parachute Division Commanded by Generalleutnant Richard Heidrich.
3rd Parachute Regiment
4th Parachute Regiment
1st Parachute Machine-Gun Battalion
I/1st Parachute Field Artillery Regiment
1st Parachute Pioneer Battalion
German 15th Panzergrenadier Division Commanded by Generalmajor Eberhard Rodtfrom June 5.
215th Panzer Battalion
104th Panzergrenadier Regiment
115th Panzergrenadier Regiment
129th Panzergrenadier Regiment
33rd Artillery Regiment
315th Anti-Aircraft Battalion
33rd Pioneer Battalion
German 29th Panzergrenadier Division Commanded by Generalmajor Walter Fries.
129th Panzer Battalion
15th Panzergrenadier Regiment
71st Panzergrenadier Regiment
29th Artillery Regiment
313th Anti-Aircraft Battalion
German Luftwaffe Panzer Division Hermann Göring Commanded by Generalleutnant Paul Conrath.
1st Panzergrenadier Regiment "Hermann Göring"
Panzer Regiment "Hermann Göring"
1 Panzer Battalion "Hermann Göring"
2 Panzer Battalion "Hermann Göring"
Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion "Hermann Göring"
Panzer Artillery Regiment "Hermann Göring"
Panzer Pioneer Battalion "Hermann Göring"
Anti-Aircraft Regiment "Hermann Göring"
382nd Panzergrenadier Regiment
926th Fortress Battalion

Italian 4th "Livorno" Motorized Infantry Division Commanded by General Domenico Chirieleison.
33rd Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Regiment
28th Artillery Regiment
3 Anti-Aircraft Battalions
Engineer Battalion
Italian 26th "Assietta" Mountain Division Commanded by General Francesco Scotti, then General Ottorino Schreiber on July 26.
29th Infantry Regiment
30th Infantry Regiment
17th "Blackshirts" Battalion
25th Artillery Regiment
CXXVI Mortar Battalion
Engineer Battaion
Italian 28th "Aosta" Infantry Division Commanded by General Giacomo Romano.
5th Infantry Regiment
6th Infantry Regiment
171st "Blackshirts" Battalion
22nd Artillery Regiment
XXVIII Mortar Battalion
Engineer Battalion
Italian 54th "Napoli" Infantry Division Commanded by General Giulio Cesare Gotti Porcinari.
75th Infantry Regiment
76th Infantry Regiment
173rd "Blackshirts" Battalion
54th Artillery Regiment
Italian XII Corps
Commanded by General Mario Arisio.
202nd Coastal Division
207th Coastal Division
208th Coastal Division
133rd Coastal Regiment
Italian XVI Corps Commanded by General Carlo Rossi.
206th Coastal Division
213th Coastal Division
18th Coastal Brigade
19th Coastal Brigade
Miscellaneous Italian Formations
10th Bersaglieri Infantry Regiment
177th Bersaglieri Infantry Regiment
185th Infantry Regiment
230th Armored Battalion
51st Bersaglieri Battalion
58th Bersaglieri Battalion
19th "Blackshirts" Infantry Battalion
Mobile Group A Armored Battalion
Mobile Group B Armored Battalion
Mobile Group C Armored Battalion
Mobile Group D Armored Battalion
Mobile Group E Armored Battalion
Mobile Group F Armored Battalion
Mobile Group G Infantry Battalion
Mobile Group H Anti-Tank Battalion
Tactical Group 'Carmito' (Armored Battalion)
Tactical Group 'Barcellona' (Anti-tank Battalion)
12th Machinegun Battalion
112th Machinegun Battalion
23rd Cavalry (foot) Battalion
1 Palermitani Cavalry Battalion
12th Artillery Regiment
40th Artillery Regiment
16th Anti-Tank Battalion
104th Anti-Tank Battalion
119th Coastal Infantry Regiment
120th Coastal Infantry Regiment
121st Coastal Infantry Regiment
122nd Coastal Infantry Regiment
123rd Coastal Infantry Regiment
124th Coastal Infantry Regiment
133rd Coastal Infantry Regiment
134th Coastal Infantry Regiment
135th Coastal Infantry Regiment
136th Coastal Infantry Regiment
137th Coastal Infantry Regiment
138th Coastal Infantry Regiment
139th Coastal Infantry Regiment
140th Coastal Infantry Regiment
143rd Coastal Infantry Regiment
146th Coastal Infantry Regiment
147th Coastal Infantry Regiment
148th Coastal Infantry Regiment
149th Coastal Infantry Regiment
178th Coastal Infantry Regiment
179th Coastal Infantry Regiment

Forget words,actions will show your true ambitions!The Battlefield,In many cases, the terrain of a battlefield can be the best resource a commander has. A clump of trees, an abandoned house, or a drainage ditch can all be powerful tools in the right hands
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Rep: 63.1

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 2:25 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey great news :Cool . I guess it is entirely up to you as far as BGs, being as
you are doing the work Wink .

Sports Freak/ CC Commander/ Panzerblitz Commander
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Rep: 22.3
votes: 1

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 3:30 am Post subject: hay Reply with quote

i think for gameplay, 1/3 is a good ratio, but if u decided 1/4 it would be more accurate.

looking forward.


espree de corp
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Rep: 53.2
votes: 7

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 8:24 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Always eager to read about a new mod being developed.
Will you be tackling this one on your own, L4W?
Good luck...and very looking forward to it!
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