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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Shout Box History
evilwebster: How do I install the mods with the GOG version?
24-09-2021 8:14:pm
Von_Wold: New here, been years since I played CC! Not sure if my PC will run thses downloads and how safe are they to install? Thanks!
17-09-2021 11:51:am
evilwebster: thanks
13-08-2021 6:35:pm
ScnelleMeyer: Probably LSA
12-08-2021 4:20:pm
evilwebster: What Game should I buy if I want to start playing regularly?
08-08-2021 5:13:pm
bT1942: Trojany
13-05-2021 3:04:am
mooxe: Thanks Jatke!
26-04-2021 5:20:pm
Jatke: Mafi's RTB tool can create an Index.mpi
26-04-2021 9:24:am
mooxe: Modders, need help on Beyond the Beach, how do you make an index.mpi?
25-04-2021 5:42:pm
mooxe: D-Day Utah Sector next up.
24-04-2021 10:22:am
mooxe: Red Storm Rising CC5 plugin modernized.
23-04-2021 7:57:pm
GameRat: Thanks Mooxe
23-04-2021 9:51:am
mooxe: Winter War and SAS updated.
18-04-2021 11:28:am
mooxe: Afrika updated. Winter War is next.
17-04-2021 9:50:pm
mooxe: CC5 Meuse/Utah/GJS/Stalin grad updated to work with Atomic/GOG without problems.
17-04-2021 5:27:pm
mooxe: Just take the space out when copy-paste it to your browser.
17-04-2021 1:40:pm
Sbufkle: Someone can simply invite me to the Discord if easier, ny name there is : Gagnon 30#9609
17-04-2021 1:10:pm
Sbufkle: Discord link not working
17-04-2021 1:06:pm
mooxe: Discord https://discord.gg/Pv JGK7WwHq
17-04-2021 9:58:am
Sbufkle: Discord Link please?
17-04-2021 7:12:am
Sbufkle: Caved and got COI, just need to knwo how to use Modswap since there is no readme file for it when you DL from Matrix
17-04-2021 7:11:am
Dezz: Shout History
15-04-2021 5:43:pm
mooxe: https://discord.gg/Pv JGK7WwHq
01-04-2021 10:18:pm
mikwarleo: I'm around just slow to reply sometimes. Please repost discord link, below link has expired
01-04-2021 3:54:pm
mooxe: GJS auto-installer back online. [URL]
20-03-2021 9:20:pm
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