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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Shout Box History
Sbufkle: JJust really want to know how to pay CC on widnows 10! lol
19-03-2021 2:02:pm
mooxe: Hi Apache, please post in forum which mod you need help and which version of CC you are using. Also you can join this Discord for help... https://discord.gg/Pv JGK7WwHq
17-03-2021 4:02:pm
Apache67: I am new here, been playing CC since day one, need instructions on how to load all mods, etc...correctly
17-03-2021 12:57:pm
killertiger100: small soldier
15-03-2021 11:18:am
mooxe: Rhineland45 Team Grand Campaign has begun. Check forums for info and links.
09-03-2021 6:08:pm
mooxe: Guess Mik not coming back.
05-03-2021 9:55:pm
AngloSniper: anyone ever found they cant log into this site on one machine even though its fine on others?
14-02-2021 6:32:am
mooxe: Mik you may like LSA and some others just for the screen refresh rate. Its much smoother than CC5.
13-02-2021 10:04:pm
mooxe: Longnez, please post a screenshot in the forum of the error.
07-02-2021 10:56:am
longnez: Hello, cant install GTC explosions in COI because it said me i'vl already installed VFX.ZFX. How to do ? Tks
07-02-2021 9:36:am
Pzt_Crackwise: @Mikwarleo: Maps are the same, units are mostly the same. But BG compositions are different. You can stack BGs in LSA and BGs can borrow from each other. It is very fun. Join our discord channel.
05-02-2021 12:03:pm
mikwarleo: is LSA GJS the same as CC5 GJS?
04-02-2021 5:29:pm
mooxe: Voltix, answer in forum.
19-01-2021 4:30:pm
Voltix: i am unabe to load the plugin for GJS help
18-01-2021 10:48:am
ScnelleMeyer: Mooxe! Corsair has 10 new CC3/COI maps - He's just waiting for a link to upload - can you assist?
04-01-2021 12:40:pm
mooxe: CCS has been running 1111 days without a reboot/power loss or crash.
20-12-2020 12:05:pm
POWEROFEVIL: WOW , Big home and Great men
13-12-2020 3:49:pm
mooxe: Np welcome back!
01-12-2020 1:22:pm
ke_mechial: I am back, thanks mooxe for helping me recover my account.
01-12-2020 12:52:am
toscana: game camp?
28-11-2020 5:54:am
mooxe: Meuse Team Grand Campaign has started. Check forum post for Discord link.
08-11-2020 8:44:pm
itchyballs: ok thanks
10-10-2020 10:58:pm
mooxe: You have to buy it. Try Good Old Games.
10-10-2020 2:22:pm
itchyballs: hey how would i download battle of the bulge?
09-10-2020 11:37:pm
pvt_Grunt: Finally watched Greyhound. Good movie, lots of action!
04-10-2020 2:04:am
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