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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Shout Box History
GameRat: Thanks very much Mooxe
18-07-2020 11:03:pm
mooxe: Watch Greyhound with Tom Hanks. Good Atlantic action movie!
10-07-2020 8:03:pm
Marinesku13: Hey, The Bloody first seems like a real challenge- back to squad leadership. If you are not used to win just by strategic moves - add me on Steam - same nick
30-06-2020 2:14:am
mattymattcarmichael: Is Mikwarleo or Pzt_Piper still around? Those two used to give me the best games. Piper showed me how to play, I have since forgotten....
23-06-2020 6:26:pm
mattymattcarmichael: haha, I forgot I have another account here. HAHA
23-06-2020 6:23:pm
backblast: Tigercub back but under new name here looking for campaign player!
21-06-2020 12:41:am
chessmaster: hi guys, missed you guys ! I m on discord a lot if you wanna have a chat
04-06-2020 1:41:pm
bizmarta: no one on GOG for a GC game ?
16-05-2020 1:48:pm
bexx76: hi all, we are playing a GC on steam , GTC, we have a dedicated chat, players tehre play also LSA, some old closecombat players are there, if u want to join add me on steam, my nick is BEXX76 , https://steamcommunit y.com/profiles/765611 97971188812/
14-05-2020 7:15:pm
vobbnobb: I have all the cc games but matrix games still $40 LOL! You guys are [censored] terrible....
02-05-2020 7:56:pm
mooxe: https://steamcommunit y.com/sharedfiles/fil edetails/?id=27247641 6
20-04-2020 1:20:pm
bexx76: hi all, doesn anyone have the ink to the pzt clan players guide? i remember it was a really useful guide for beginners on the use of different weapons in game
20-04-2020 7:05:am
ScnelleMeyer: Probably have to do a manual install
09-04-2020 9:22:am
AngloSniper: anyone know how to install gtc explosions into tunisia. Istalled on modswap but wont appear in the mod.
09-04-2020 8:00:am
ScnelleMeyer: CC- Series on Matrix sale now!
02-04-2020 11:25:am
Antony_nz: Okay the patch got it working!
28-03-2020 7:52:am
Antony_nz: Is CC5 completely locked off from Windows 10?
28-03-2020 3:40:am
evilwebster: anyone in the north american time zones looking for a game?
26-03-2020 10:56:am
evilwebster: poo in your shoe
26-03-2020 10:56:am
AngloSniper: anyone know how to install Kreta mod into GOG CC4? Plugin wont work in config mgr.
25-03-2020 6:48:am
mooxe: Working from home for foreseeable future.
24-03-2020 4:27:pm
Antony_nz: indirect fire is so underrated in Close Combat.
22-03-2020 12:58:am
benvandumpelen: how do I edit in PitF that my Grille, 7,5cm inf gesch.18, etc, to fire indirectly? I edited the weapon in weapons file (put HE and SM to indirect fire, kept HEAT on direct fire). But in combat they don't work like mortars..they seem to work as normal
17-03-2020 5:21:pm
FreeKing: jmhywp, on GOG for the classics, Matrix Games or Slitherine for the newer re-releases, Panthers in the Fog, Gateway to Caen and The Bloody First. You can get all three of those on Steam, too.
13-02-2020 7:42:pm
jmhywp: Where can I buy and download the games ?
13-02-2020 11:09:am
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