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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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451 viewsIn the worst days, you can always find a unit which fights with bravery and can hold the terrain despite negative conditions.... In the Northern Heights of Stalingrad, a Pz II is trying to avoid the disaster.
Disaster in Bolsche Rossochka
Disaster in Bolsche Rossochka-417 viewsJanuary 13th,1943. Until now, I had been able to hold the Rossochka defensive line. The Soviets succeeded in taking Malo Rossochka and are now rushing to Pitomnik. The 212/79, which was so successful in SDK to hold the airports has been here completly destroyed.... Bad days are coming, now.
Quel con!
Quel con!-358 views
343 viewsDefend Der Kessel!
732 viewsThe Red Army HAS to take this height. After a battle of real butchery, they still fail.... January 10th, 1943, 16 p.m.
Kasatchiy Kurgan
Kasatchiy Kurgan-439 viewsFirst day of the campaign. Despite heavy bochevist attack, the Rossochka front is still solid....
Kasatchiy Kurgan
Kasatchiy Kurgan-447 viewsFirst day of the campaign. Despite heavy bolchevist attack, the Rossochka front is still solid....
826 viewsVoroschilov. The cross between the Rossochka and Karpovka rivers. January 10th, 1943, 5.p.m.
The REds have to take the bridge.... Until now, they failed.
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