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TRIVIA: Are soldiers credited for killing surrendered troops?



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  Player's News: Battle Of Surabaya 1945
Posted on Sun Nov 05, 2006 7:49 am by webmaster
Close Combat 5 Invasion Normandy squadleader_id writes...

It's interesting to note that the wheels started rolling on the mod this month, same month as the battle - November 10-24, 1945. The mod is still in its embryonic stages and will be worked on by a small Indonesian team from Surabaya: eaglereach (data, BG and FPool, stratmap, gameplay, historical research), markencup (graphics, maps) and squadleader_id (graphics, maps, data, gameplay, historical research).

Combatants will include British 5th Indian Army Division (24th Indian Mountain Regiment, 5th Mahratta Antitank Regiment, 17th Dogra Machine-gun Battalion, 1/3rd Madras Regiment H.Q. Battalion, 3/9th Regiment reconnaissance battalion, 9th Indian Infantry Brigade, 2nd West Yorkshire Regiment, 3/2nd Punjab Regiment, 1st Burma Regiment, 123rd Indian Infantry Brigade, 2/1st Punjab Regiment, 1/17th Dogra Regiment, 3/9th Gurkha Rifles, 161st Indian Infantry Brigade, I/1st Punjab Regiment, 4/7th Rajput Regiment, 3/4th Gurkha Rifles) with 21 Sherman tanks, bren carriers, artillery and naval support (frigates HMS Loch Green, HMS Loch Glendhu, the cruiser HMS Sussex, destroyers HMS Carron, Caesar and Cavalier). Also remnants of the 49th Brigade, 23rd Indian Division (Ghurka Rifles, Mahratta Infantry, Rajputra Rifles).

The Indonesian defenders were made up of Army Regulars (BKR and TKR), Special Police Brigades and around 60 militia and volunteer units: Pasukan Pelajar (TRIP), Pasukan BKR Tanjung Perak, Pasukan Kimia TKR, Pasukan Genie Tempur (Genie Don Bosco), Pasukan BKR Kereta Api, Pasukan BKR Pekerjaan Umum, Pasukan Sriwijaya, Pasukan Buruh Laut, Pasukan Sawunggaling, TKR Laut, Barisan Hizbullah, Lasykar Minyak, TKR Mojokerto, TKR Gresik, Pasukan Jarot Subiantoro, Pasukan Magenda Bondowoso, Pasukan Sadeli Bandung, Barisan Berani Mati (BBM suicide squads) and more.

Roughly 30.000 Indonesian army and armed militias with 100.000 volunteers defending the city of Surabaya against the 24.000 strong British 5th Indian Division and 6.000 men of 49th Brigade, 23rd Indian Division with naval, artillery and air support (Mosquito and P4 Thunderbolt squadrons).

The inner-city house to house fighting will be fierce, bloody and brutal! We hope to simulate this on the mod. And we hope CC players will have a lot of fun playing a mod set in one of the forgotten exotic theaters of WW2.

From Wikipedia:

On October 25, 1945, the United Kingdom sent in 6000 lightly armed British-India troops from 49th Indian Infantry Brigade, 23rd Division, led by Brigadier General A.W.S. Mallaby to take over Surabaya from the Japanese and soon found itself in conflict with the Republic Indonesia (RI) troops and militia.

British forces brought in a small Dutch military contingent which it termed the Netherlands Indies Civil Administration (NICA). The British became worried about the increasing boldness and apparent strength of the nationalists, who attacked demoralized Japanese garrisons across the archipelago with crude weapons like bamboo spears in order to seize their arms. The main goals of British troops in Surabaya were seizing weapons from Japanese and Indonesian troops/militia, taking care of former prisoner of war (POW), and sending the remaining Japanese troops back to Japan. The Japanese troops surrendered their weapons, but more than 20000 Indonesian troops and several thousands militia refused to hand over their weapons.

Lt. Gen. Sir Philip Christison got angry when he heard that Brig. Gen. Mallaby was killed in Surabaya. The initial report blamed Indonesian militia for the death of Brig. Gen. Mallaby. Lt. Gen. Sir Philip Christison sent additional 24,000 fully armed Indian 5th Division troops led by Major General E. C. Mansergh, with 21 M4 Sherman tanks, 2 cruisers and 3 destroyers to conquer Surabaya. On November 9, 1945, British issued an ultimatum for Indonesian troops and militia to surrender all their weapons. On November 10, 1945, British troops began to bomb Surabaya from air and sea. The fierce battle in Surabaya went on for 10 days. On November 10, 1945, two British planes were shotdown by Indonesia troops. One of the passengers, Brigadier General Robert Guy Loder-Symonds was badly injured and passed away on the following day. On November 20, 1945, British troops managed to conquer Surabaya with more than 1,000 casualties. More than 20,000 Indonesian troops, militia and residence of Surabaya were killed during the battle. Most of Surabaya were destroyed during the battle.

The battle for Surabaya was the bloodiest single engagement by British troops in the war and demonstrated the determination of the rag-tag nationalist forces. It also made the British reluctant to be sucked into a war it did not need, considering how outstretched their resources in southeast Asia were during the period after the Japanese surrender. On November 1946, the last British troops left Indonesia. The "10 November Hero" statue in Surabaya commemorated this epic battle. 10 November is declared as "Hero Day" in Indonesia.

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Re: Battle Of Surabaya 1945 (Score: 1)
by squadleader_id on Sun Nov 05, 2006 10:30 am
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.moddb.com/mods/cc5-battle-of-surabaya-1945
Thanks for the 'front page' coverage, Mooxe! ;-)

Re: Battle Of Surabaya 1945 (Score: 1)
by Arjuna on Sat Jan 13, 2007 2:33 am
(User Info | Send a Message)
I really hope this mod gets finished. Looking forward to seeing the Indian units. Best of luck...

Re: Battle Of Surabaya 1945 (Score: 1)
by Nembo on Tue Mar 06, 2007 7:52 am
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.cetve.com
Sounds like an awesome idea.

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