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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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  Player's News: Close Combat Player's News - March 13th, 2007
Posted on Wed Mar 14, 2007 5:08 am by webmaster
Close Combat Player's News

Close Combat 5: Invasion Normandy News pzjager has started on a new Stalingrad mod. This new mod, Stalingrad Operation Circle covers the last period of the battle, from January 1th to February 2nd, 1943. You can read pzjagers monthly updates in the SOC Forum. The Warhammer mod by zCharles will most likely be out in its beta form soon. For now we can see whats its all about in the Warhammer Screenshot Gallery.

Uberdave released his Khalkin-Gol(v0.9beta) mod back at the end of December. This mod has been set around a series of border clashes between the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo ('Manchuria' in the west) and the Soviet-backed Mongolian People's Republic that resulted in a full scale conflict. After two failed offensives by the joint Jap-Manchu elements in May and July, the Japanese-led forces dug-in on the eastern banks of the Halha (Khalkhin Gol) river, a few kilometers west of a small village called Nomonhan. There are many new sounds, you will recognize some sounds from other mods, notably Stalingrad Both sides have a wide array of light tanks and armoured cars. There has promising work done on the strat map too. The mod is beta, with 10 included maps and fully playable. Download the plugin CC5_KG-v090-PLN.zip and map pack CC5_KGv090-Maps.zip .

The Meuse mod has had two small updates. These map fixes were listed in the last update, but the files were never added here. The fixes are, "5) Fixed Rocroi map as 2 buildings did not have shadows (Rocroi.bgm updated Oct. 10/2004 if yours is older download the map again) 6) Fixed Maubeuge map removing a white line on the right edge of the map (Maubeuge.bgm updated Aug. 19/2005 if yours is older download the map again)." Please download Rocroi and Maubeuge to bring your version up to 3.4. The map pack has also been updated.

Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far News Mafi has updated CC2Tools from 4.13 to ver 5.00. All the updated are listed within the documentation. Download CC2Tools.zip.

Close Combat 4: Battle of the Bulge News Ernie_M has created another four new maps. They have all been added over the past couple of months. All of Ernie_M's maps are based from aerial photos. Each of the towns he has mapped out have a distinct history with the Battle of the Bulge. Download Soy, Foy Notre Dame, Hosingen & Alleborn. For all Ernie_M's custom maps visit our CC4 Map Section.

Soy Foy Notre Dame Hosingen Allerborn

Close Combat 3: The Russian Front Mismatch has released a new map titled "Last Stand." A scenario comes included with it. The description is, "A group of Russian conscripts are left behind enemy lines make their last stand." Download it Last Stand.

Last Stand

Next Player's News we hope to cover the latest war between the Red Devils and Mercenaries. These two groups have taken up arms in the new mod, Afrika 40'41. The 60 Mile Operation is being played Vice Versa style. In reference to Afrika, we will have install guide and strategic map overview (similar to our GJS map) posted here. Also we will be covering CSO Simtek's re-release of CC3, entitled "Cross of Iron."

Associated Topics

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Close Combat Player's News - March 13th, 2007

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