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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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  Heavily Engaged
Posted by webmaster on Sun May 29, 2011 7:25 am (Read More... | 2 comments | Score: 0)
Close Combat 2 A Bridge too Far Tim Stone from www.rockpapershotgun.com has written up a great AAR from Close Combat 2 A Bridge Too Far. Have a read of his first two paragraphs, the entire article is linked below.

``This week’s battle broadcast comes to you from a picturesque Dutch city on the banks of the Rhine. It’s September 1944, and a beleaguered force of British paratroopers, clinging by their fingernails to positions around Arnhem’s strategically-vital road bridge, are about to participate in what could well turn out to be their final action. All that stands between the Red Berets and total annihilation is a couple of 6-pounder anti-tank guns, a flamethrower, two PIATs, a few dozen Stens and Lee-Enfield rifles, and one mediocre wargamer who has known and loved Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far for the best part of 14 years.

If my 40 men are to survive the coming onslaught, they’re going to need to demonstrate as much discretion as valour. We start in nominal control of seven of the map’s nine victory locations. If the German attack is as ferocious and tanky as I suspect it will be, the Brits have little chance of holding onto all of these. Rather than fight for every stuccoed villa and leafy square, I aim to draw the foe into the maze of streets and parks beyond the main north-south bridge road. The more claustrophobic the fighting, the better chance my lads have of ambushing armour and splintering infantry assaults.``

Read the full AAR at www.rockpapershotgun.com.

  Operation Just Cause v1.0 Released
Posted by webmaster on Thu Sep 04, 2008 7:59 am (comments? | Player's News | Score: 0)
Close Combat 2 A Bridge too Far

Operation Just Cause, covers the US invasion of Panama in 1989 that went by the same name. You can fight as either the Panamanian Defence Force (PDF) and its paramilitary elements or as the U.S. Armed Forces.

All the Teams, weapons, vehicles, and most of the sounds and graphics have been changed from the original game. Research for the mod started in the summer of 2006 with v0.9 being released on December 24, 2006, four days late for the 17th anniversary of the invasion. Version 1.0 took another eight months to complete, v1.0 first being sent out for testing on August 19, 2007. The final version, v1.1, was released on September 2, 2008.

Download Op Just Cause v1.0 | CC2 Forum | Screenshot Gallery | Homepage


  Close Combat 2: Operation Just Cause
Posted by webmaster on Sun Dec 24, 2006 6:57 am (Read More... | 7790 bytes more | 4 comments | Player's News | Score: 5)
Close Combat 2 A Bridge too Far Nembo writes..... "Ok well, I've been working on this mod for about six months, having started researching the fighting in the later part of the summer of 06'. Since I wanted to finish this mod for the anniversary of the Invasion I am releasing the mod in a early beta version. All that realy neads to be finished are the operations, campaigns, some of the vehicle graphics, the help file, and two maps. Hopefully by December 21st of 07' all will be done."

The American Ivasion of Panama began on December 20, 1989, at 0100 local time. The operation involved nearly 30,000 U.S. troops and over 300 aircraft —including the AC-130 aerial gunship, OA-37B observation and attack aircraft, and the F-117A stealth aircraft and AH-64 Apache helicopter which were both used for the first time in combat. These were deployed against the 3,000 members of the Panama Defense Force (PDF).

Screenshot Gallery | Op Just Cause Plugin for PC | Op Just Cause MAC Files

The operation began with an assault of strategic installations such as the civilian Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, a PDF garrison and airfield at Rio Hato, where Noriega also maintained a residence, and other military command centers throughout the country. The attack on the central headquarters of the PDF (referred to as La Comandancia) touched off several fires, one of which destroyed most of the adjoining and heavily populated El Chorrillo neighborhood in downtown Panama City. During the firefight at the Comandancia, the PDF downed one AH-6 Little Bird helicopter, and disabled or destroyed severl armored vehicles. The Panamanian Defense Force was overwhelmed by the larger U.S. forces.

Note: Version francaise cliquez "read more"
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